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How did Guard   My Face

begin and where are we at now?

Our Founder and CEO

Guard My Face

“I found the company because I was working in China and I saw a lot of young kids get sick from air pollution. They were growing up kind of thinking the sky should be coloured in grey in pictures and coughing all day was normal. I felt no child should believe that as a normal experience. So I developed a mask that can help protect children and adults from air pollution.”

I believe everyone should be able to get out and enjoy life, without having to worry about bad air or the way they look. That’s why we have developed a high-function, high-fashion mask that gives you the best chance of [respiratory] health.”

Guard My Face Co start with

A Quest for Breathing a Better Air

After researching academic publications, health studies, news sources and historical pollution data, our Founder and CEO, Christopher began to realise the scale of the pollution issue in China and other big cities in the world. This was a problem that was claiming the lives of literally millions of people around the world every year.

A curiosity turned into a passion, which morphed into an obsession – a quest for breathing a better air.

Therefore, all of 14 components that make up the mask have been carefully sourced, with quality being at the forefront of every product development decision.

We’re Growing and Continuing to Protect.


Soon after its founding, Guard My Face gained investment from Y Combinator (YC) via their Fellowship Programme.

We are also backed by the Martlet Fund linked to Marshall Aerospace in Gaurd and are a portfolio company of Gaurd Angles and Gaurd Capital Group.

Guard My Face has grown fast, and now has offices in the UK and Hong Kong and a client list that includes schools, hospitals and embassies worldwide.

Together with our investors, the company is working on exciting technological developments that will change the way we think about clean air.

We ship worldwide. We do customised mask.

Currently we have 2 warehouses in Northampton, United Kingdom and Ohio, United States and sell masks in retail to over 100 countries globally.

Guard Mask Co sells online through our main site https://guardmyface.com/ and also taking preorder on our  site https://guardmyface.com/pre-order/

Guard Mask Co also selling in other e-commerce platform like Amazon and have distributors across North and South East Asia, Europe, US, Australia and Canada.

Guard  Masks Co controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, which means we are able to create beautiful custom design masks with your branding. Our minimum order quantity for custom – designed patterns is 200 units.

We Produce Mask that Protects Everyone.


 While the inception of Guard My Face was largely related to air pollution in developing countries, which tend to be many more than you would think.

We also cater to many of those with Chronic Illness, such as Cystic Fibrosis or even organ donor recipients with vulnerable immunity. People all over the world are affected by chronic illness and compromised immune systems, making them more susceptible to bacteria and viruses than an ordinary person.

Being able to help these people all over the world is what keeps our team focused, happy and fulfilled in the work we do today.