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As you can see from the diagram, Guard My Face filter air through three different layers

  The Primary Filter Layer


The main layer of our  mask  sift through bigger particles, for example, residue and PM10. The material is sublimation imprinted in various examples to make the veils style cordial.

Color sublimation printing utilizes computerized innovation that works with polyester and polymer-covered substrates. Our one of a kind sublimation colors are moved to extraordinary paper by means of fluid gel ink through piezoelectric print heads. Utilizing warmth and weight the color is then moved into the texture. The final product melds the color to the material on a sub-atomic level, which means it can’t be expelled from washing. At the point when color is just applied to the outside of the material or material to be printed, it tends to be expelled from wear or washing, which we maintain a strategic distance from with this procedure.

The Three-Ply Micro Particulate Layer


The second layer of the mask block squares particulates, for example, PM2.5. Channels fulfill N99 guideline, sifting 99.79%+ of particles as little as PM0.3, beating N95 covers. The material is a three-handle non-woven liquefy blow polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer utilized in a scope of utilizations.

The blow shaping procedure starts with dissolving down the polymer and framing it into a “parison” – a chunk of fluid. High speed air is then gone through to weaken the fibers and make a sinewy web. The irregular fiber direction this triggers is invaluable in light of the fact that it makes a superior work to trap particles. The material is additionally made with a high surface zone, which means a more noteworthy level of particulates are caught as they go through the channel.

Our Filter material is included a progression of enacted carbon fibers, each around 2,000 nanometres in width. Every fiber is commonly littler than the regular grain size in standard carbon materials, making the pace of adsorption of poison gas a lot quicker and in this manner all the more remarkable. It likewise implies that microscopic organisms and infections are attracted to the fiber surface considerably more proficiently, on the grounds that there is a great deal more accessible surface than in a granular carbon.

The high number of fibers – spun into a yarn and afterward woven into fabric – makes the speed of adsorption incredibly quick in a material that is still simple to inhale through. In addition to the fact that molecules are, for example, toxin gases and endotoxins immediately adsorbed into the pores from an a lot more extensive region, however the Van der Waals powers additionally pull in and immobilize on the fiber surface a lot bigger particles including microbes, which frequently have an adversely charged layer. Together with the counter bacterial silver added to the fiber surface, the enacted carbon material snares the microbes and draws out the gel-like cytoplasm inside – slaughtering it and forestalling disease.

Guard My Face masks are subsequently ground-breaking respirators that not just dispel any confusion demeanor of contamination by means of the particulate channel, yet in addition expel possibly unsafe gases and pathogens with the extra carbon Filter.

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